Monday, November 3, 2008

Now VS Then

Last Friday was lovely, and a just a wee bit tiring. We got off to an early start, and were pretty joyful all day. Today however, was just tiring. Then, my sweet daughter was cheerfully doing the above, and today she was whiny, discouraged and generally grumpy. I fear that this is my fault. I am having a hard time knowing quite what to do to keep her occupied. She is not a play by herself sort of person, and she isn't quite ready for the workbook things big brother is doing. She is eager for knowledge, but is at the stage where I must be sitting by her side imparting it.

Perhaps a trip to the dollar store for more fun school workbooks, or to our local homeschool store for something better is in order. Maybe special mommy time before big brother gets going?

Feel free to give advice.... she is 5, and is teaching herself to read quite nicely... but is easily frustrated with sounding out longer words.

Oh, one more thing, anyone know how to get sleep when you are 35weeks preggo? The last three nights I have been up on average 6 times a night.

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