Friday, February 29, 2008

Parks Series....

Last summer we were exploring the local park scene.... So far, we really like Canby's River park behind Safeway. The park behind Safeway is great during the hot summer months, there are tall tall fir trees that provide just the right amount of shade, and also a giant field that the kids can run about in. There is also a duck pond, that can be fished in... a nature walk along a creek behind it... (bring boots or wait till hot weather starts) an honest to goodness merry-go-round, big kids metal tall slide, and a few bits of other assorted playground fun. There is also a section of the park that borders the Molalla river, and if you are a bigger person who is a strong swimmer, adult-type people love the swimming hole there.

If you are needing a bit of nature study for your home school, this park is great, we feed the ducks, Canada geese, regular geese, and have seen muskrat/river rat/otter thingies (yes, yes, I need to find out) playing on the creekbank. You can also fish in the pond, and in the summer there are actually big edible fishies there. The pines are home to quite a number of squirrels, who do amusing things like eat the crackers you toss to them while sitting on a branch just above you.

It is however only a park that would be fun if you have children who will come when called, and who are capable of doing these biggish kids activities... Not so fun for the toddler toting Mama. My Dear Sister brought her daughter here with us last summer, but Dear Niece was too little do do most of the fun things, and was not into coming when called at the time, so my poor sis was always running after little Miss Naughty and keeping her from jumping in the pond, getting dragged by the merry-go-round, etc. Thankfully, this year is much more fun for both of them and obedience is the norm. My sweet little niece is just the right size now to do all the park rides with her cousins. So Fun!

It is a great picnic spot, and in the hot summer evenings is generally crowded by river swimmers and picnickers... but during school days it is usually empty.

Also conveniently located just next to the Safeway, is the Dollar Store, home of such fun park activities as Bubbles, Frisbees, bouncyballs, and bug boxes... just don't forget the snack crackers.... :-)

I wish I wasn't sooo tired......

Well, we have the plague... or rather had, most of us are getting over the last trace cough of this spring's flu/cough/fever/headache/achyness /dizzy/weakness...... We missed all the sunny weather here, and also the long awaited trip to the pool.

My kiddos and I were happily enjoying a trip to Canby's River park (behind Safeway) and we frolicked in the sun, tried to feed the overfull ducks, and were mad happy creatures for all of the 18th. I was so inspired by the lure of the spring sun, that I promised to take the kidlets swimming the next day. The next day did not begin well, DS awoke with rare grumpiness oozing out of every pore, and was soo naughty that he was reprimanded 2 times before breakfast alone. After struggling through the next 2 hours, he finally admitted, "My head hurts Mom. " Hmmm...... I kissed the naughty one's head, only to find a fever! No wonder he had been soo grumpy. This was the beginning of a 2 week long stay-at-home-while-sick time for us. 3 days later, Mommy was sick. Then, about 6 days after the original outbreak, DD got sick. Needless to say, we are tired, and still coughing.

Mommy really needs to clean the house, but isn't quite well yet, and if she does too much, she will be sick again.

Now if only the kids will forget about the pool till we all quit coughing. :-)

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I have a few favorite blogs that I like to read to get the web equivalent of coffee... You know, one of the blogs that give you that extra bit of energy to get you going into your day victoriously. I haven't read a couple of them lately, and when I checked, I found that Maryanne of The Happy Helms had written one of the most encouraging posts I have seen this year...... So, if you are a Mom who needs to get a bit of ZING into your day, read the post on Founding Mothers here...

The Happy Helms

Monkey Shines

As a science project we started a tank of sea monkeys a few days ago. My 7 year old son and 4 year old daughter are sooo excited... I was explaining that they are not really monkeys, but a kind of brine shrimp.

Charlotte says "Ohh, we are going to feed them and they will get bigger?"
Mom: Yes
Charlotte: " Really Big?
Mom : Not too big.
Charlotte: But just right to eat?
Mom: What ?
Charlotte: Big so we can eat them right?
Mom: (Doubled over laughing)... Not these, they are too small , and are going to be our pets.
Charlotte: (looking relived) ooohhhhhh.... Big grin.


Life is good.... enjoy the gifts.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Blogging, the ultimate false front?

Should the blog be a "false front" of ever present cheeriness, and perfect house pictures? Or, should it be a more accurate record of my journey? Hmmmm........ I guess that I'll do a mix, focus on the good and lovely, but admit the tiring running that is involved in the race.

Why haven't I been blogging? Let's just come right out and say it, I don't have anything inspiring to talk about. I originally wanted to keep a record of the small efforts I make to keep my home joyful. If I haven't been doing that what can I write about?

I could show you pictures of the laundry that has been my daily chore, or the finished worksheets of Saxon math that are floating about the house. (not neatly organized in a binder) Or, I could show you the occasionally successful effort that I have put into being a mama with the "Law of Kindness in her mouth."

But really the only thing that sticks in my brain lately is what I haven't been doing... the unswept floor, the needing to be mopped bathroom, the unattractive pile of unwashed dishes from last night, the struggle with DD's pottying and the guilt pile (AKA ironing basket.) By the time I am done with those things, I am out of energy to be a Joybringer, let alone post about it.

How do you fight the good fight?

I think that I need to remember that the everyday and not so pretty things are part of the Joy. After all, I am doing these small services to please the King of Kings, and my family does benefit from these small things even though they are not as obvious as the larger things, like new clothes, or a special bit of home decor.

Well, I'm going to try to bask in the sunshine when it peeks out from behind the clouds today.
And do all that other stuff too...