Monday, May 23, 2011

Cloth Toddler diapers #2... Big Kid, long waist.

My son is a solid boy.  He has a long waist and is a nighttime supersoaker.  Huggies size 6 good nights are not up to the challenge.

With the kids getting out of school, I am cloth diapering again.  This is tricky since the regular Gerber prefolds are too small to pin on, and they need to be doubled for DAYTIME.  :-P   The rise is the most important fit issue for us.   Mark is a boy, and needs lots of absorbency up front.  If he has a leak,  it is always at the waist.   The low rise style diapers just don't work for him. 

Here's what we are trying for more absorbency currently:

Peanut Butter and Ellie Larges
RISE: 19"
SOAKER: Rectangular Lay in
SUPER ABSORBENT!   When you stack these next to the regular Gerber prefolds they are much thicker! I can get away with 19" rise because the waist is super stretchy, the legs aren't elasticized, and the COVER rise (L thirsties) is long enough.  I can still pin/snappi these, but I usually just lay them in the cover.
Amy is no longer sewing diapers, but you can still snag them off DS used sometimes.  I loved the set she gave me when Mark was born, but I need more larges, so I'm looking pretty regularly on DS for them.
See how thick they are? Here are 5 pbes and 5 gerber prefolds side by side. 

Meg A Roo's L Extrended Tab Prefolds
 RISE: 19"  after washing ( bought them used)
SOAKER: none
These are bamboo fleece, so I would expect pretty good absorbency.  :-)   These pin on well.

Piddle Poddles TODDLER size OBV/ AI2 Cadillac (ai2 and obv fitted =same rise. )
RISE:21.5 Stretched  YIPPIE!   this is the best rise for Mark
SOAKER:  shaped,  1" below waist snap in
Might need a doubler for car trips/etc.  The AI2 performed well the first time we used it without a doubler or washing a ton to prep.

Holden's Landing Toddler size AI2
RISE : 19" Stretched

SOAKER:  2 layer shaped, snaps in about 1/2 below the back waist, so too close.. might stick out when on... :-P  Great absorbency though!   There are 2 layers to the soaker, and a lay in doubler. 
I missed the fact that they are coming out in a larger size, the junior.  This would probably fit Mark a tad better. Oddly enough, the rise is listed as 20", but I could only get it to 19" before washing.   The JR size will be around 23"

Here is the HL laid out on top of the PP.  See the size difference without stretching?

HL snap placement for the soaker.. too close to the edge!  The best placement I have seen is on Little Boppers , they have snaps about 2" down from the top edge.. perfect.   I would prefer a snap in the front.  If you did that, when you are using with a boy, the absorbency is where you want it.