Thursday, October 30, 2008

Morning Domesticity

I am not a natural early riser. Especially when I am 34 weeks pregnant. However, I have become increasingly convinced that I need to get going earlier in order to keep our home joyful. You see, my children and husband rise early. They begin moving at 6:30, and the slowest is up and begging for breakfast by 8. If I haven't had my cuppa and gotten dressed, I am in no mood to flip pancakes or pour cereal.

I am trying to at least a few times each week get up with my husband. When I actually get out of bed at the appointed time, I have a very productive, and fairly focused day.

This morning, I was out of bed before Hubby at 6:45, (he waited till 6:50) and I was serving coffee and prepping a lovely Good-morning Apple Crisp by 7:15.

So far, things are going swimmingly, Sonshine is already working on his schoolwork, the dishes are washing, the crisp is almost done, and I am Joyful!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Neat and Organized!

We are planning on using cloth with bb#3. Yes, I know, you think that I am crazy. But, I should end up saving money. And for me, that is worth it right now. I might change my mind, but for now the initial cost has already been forked out, and I don't want to have to go spending an extra 10-20 on diapers each week. I would much rather spend that on date night, or a new pair of shoes.

Today I had a bit of fun organizing my cloth diaper stash, making sure that everything is ready for baby. Ahhhhh..... so neat, I LOVE my laminator!

How do you like the pin label?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Longing for December....

OK folks, I know, all those annoying retailers have some Christmas stuff up already! How dare they?

Usually I am the first to protest, but this year I am highly tempted to just put up our tree now. Baby is due Dec 9th, so Christmas must be all prepared by Thanksgiving, and while I am trying to shop for gifts now, it is VERY HARD not to have Holy-day music playing at the same time, and visions of sugarplums(well, goodies anyway) are dancing in my head.

I love the whole Christmas season, and just want to start early!! What do you think? Is it a crime at your house to skip on the whole fall decor and got straight for Christmas??

My soul is longing for the joy of the advent season.

That and the "mary's boy child" song on the radio... :-D

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Birthdayish treat!

My dear hubby bought me flowers for no apparent reason last Saturday! WOW!!!! I was just tickled pink, and wanted to share the joy.....

All you husbands out there, random acts of love mean sooo much to your wife! For some, it is flowers, for others a note, or maybe just a loving gift like folding a basket or 2 of laundry for her. :-D

Choosing Joy or Pain?

Anyone out there have any good tips on ignoring other peoples sin? I have a hard time letting unthinking harsh words and general grumpiness not sink in. I know that the person was being illogical and just in a bad mood, but it is hard to somehow not take it to heart and let it color my whole day/week.

How seriously should I take their point when their whole attitude and demeanor was obviously just out for the kill?

What do you do?