Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby babble fun...

Mark has been growing like a weed, and he is talking a lot now. But he has decided not to talk very often. He has a strange habit of using a word once, and then never again.

Has has said, only once, while patting to find out what the object is, milk, bottle, sister, yeah and DaDa. He has never said Mama, and does not seem to be interested in repeating the words he has. Also, his speech patterns seem to be focusing slowly, rather that learning single words, so instead of just being a random sounds, his babble is almost there words.

He is very excited by animals,and has said Kitty once while trying to grab Oreo. He startes to shake, and says "dis! dat!" when he sees dogs.

Anyway, very different from the other two, who learned a word, and said it a LOT! :-D

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Envelope Madness

I am so excited about my latest completed project! I use a cash budgeting system, but I have too many categories for the old coupon folder that I had been using, and it was getting worn. I really wanted the Dave Ramsey envelopes, because they could go in my day planner, but I just couldn't swallow spending about the same on shipping as the product. This would make the envelopes about $1 each. I didn't want to use the flimsy white envelopes that I had lying around, so I just did nothing. Meanwhile, my old faithful was getting more and more worn, and I hated the sight of it.

Well, today I finally got around to trying to make cash envelopes myself. After a fair amount of tracing and folding, Voila!

PRETTY envelopes!

Since I was using what I had laying around, (leftover scrapbook paper) they were almost free.

I think Dave would be proud.... and I KNOW my envelopes are prettier than his!

Since someone asked, here is the template.

You will need to print it full size, or adjust to fill a 8.5x11 paper sheet.
It takes 1 piece of pretty paper and a dab of glue, or a bit of tape. I used double sided tape, but you could glue the flaps down, or use regular tape. I used this template about 4 times, and the lines may be a little bit off, so just adjust the folds if you feel like it. (I originally tried for a crescent flap lock , but that was a mistake... it works much better without, so just ignore the funny half circle on the flap.) If you like, you could add a ledger on the back, front, or inside the envelope flap. The finished size is about 6.5 by 3.75 inches.