Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby babble fun...

Mark has been growing like a weed, and he is talking a lot now. But he has decided not to talk very often. He has a strange habit of using a word once, and then never again.

Has has said, only once, while patting to find out what the object is, milk, bottle, sister, yeah and DaDa. He has never said Mama, and does not seem to be interested in repeating the words he has. Also, his speech patterns seem to be focusing slowly, rather that learning single words, so instead of just being a random sounds, his babble is almost there words.

He is very excited by animals,and has said Kitty once while trying to grab Oreo. He startes to shake, and says "dis! dat!" when he sees dogs.

Anyway, very different from the other two, who learned a word, and said it a LOT! :-D

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  1. When Georgie started talking, it was all nouns. He'd deliver the inventory of any room he went into.

    When Trinity started talking, she was all babble and blah blah. She'd walk into the room, give you half a conversation in gibberish, and then look at you like "well, why aren't you responding?"

    Then one day all the gibberish came into focus and we could understand everything she said. She had been talking to us in full paragraphs the entire time; we just couldn't actually translate any of it from Trin-ese to English. :) Maybe Mark will be that way too. It's amazing all the different ways that children come up with to learn how to talk.