Friday, July 25, 2008

Heavenly love at a rummage sale......

We went out searching for BB things and found a lovely sale where everything you could squish into a brown paper bag was $5.

Our bag held:

blueish pooh crib bumper(to replace the pink one that came with the crib)
Hello kitty Raincoat VERY NICE for my girly girl
White Sweater to wear to church, also for the girl
0/3 One piece jammies
0/3 One piece outfit
0/3 month blue knit (nice) pants
pair baby socks
pair baby socks
pair large infant size jeans
6/9 month jacket for bb Boy
9 mo pair shorts
12 mo pair shorts
4 misc toys for the helpers
1 Book

Not bad for $5.... :-)
I probably would've paid $5 for the bumper alone....

Things like this always remind me that God loves us, and is actively involved in the small things in our lives. Like those times where you find the exact game you have been wanting for home school for only $3 at Goodwill instead of the $20 you saw it on sale for. :-)

It's a .....................


(not my ultrasound..... My camera is dead)

Levi is super happy to be having a brother, and Charlotte, who had said she wanted a boy so it wouldn't have to sleep in her room, was teary. I asked her why, and she said, "because I wanted the baby to sleep in my room" after all. Ahhh the logic of a 5 year old! I told her that the baby would be in her room for quite a while anyway, and that baby boys are just as fun as baby girls. They do exactly the same stuff for quite a while.

My Mother and Sister came to the ultrasound along with the kiddos and I. It was a lot more enjoyable than just me and 2 kiddos. There were two extra pairs of hands to hold purses and play the peanut butter and jelly card game while we waited. Besides, I thought that my younger sister Charity would love to see the ultrasound. :-) She immediately "named" the little man Bertram... :-P Hmmmmm not what I will chose in the end... but that sure beats piglet, and plummy baby, both previous suggestions for nicknames from my children.

Now I need to go shopping! I had bags of stuff collected for a girl, and realized that after all I had kept a blob of Charlotte's cute little girl things. But Levi's old clothes were mostly hand me downs from a family with multiple boys, and by the time Levi was done with them, they were fit for Mike to use as a shop rag. I plan to swing by the thrift store today, and scrounge in the church clothing closet this Sunday, hopefully it will be open.... Good thing I have a while, because I have only 5 things in 3-6 month size. :-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun Summer Food...

Well, I am too hot to eat very heavy things, so our diet has suddenly included many salads, and TONS of fruit. The rest of the family seems to be enjoying this as well. I remembered my drink machine/blender last week, so have been having fun whipping up cool drinks. My kiddos have been requesting Kool-aid icees each day... Yummers!

Not too sweet, but very refreshing

Kool-aid icees

Blend :
about 5c. crushed ice
1 packet koolaid mix (grape is soo good!)
2/3 C. sugar
2 C. cold water

This is not too sweet, and delightfully cool. I found it on I think. :-)

Enjoy the sweet taste of summer!