Friday, July 25, 2008

It's a .....................


(not my ultrasound..... My camera is dead)

Levi is super happy to be having a brother, and Charlotte, who had said she wanted a boy so it wouldn't have to sleep in her room, was teary. I asked her why, and she said, "because I wanted the baby to sleep in my room" after all. Ahhh the logic of a 5 year old! I told her that the baby would be in her room for quite a while anyway, and that baby boys are just as fun as baby girls. They do exactly the same stuff for quite a while.

My Mother and Sister came to the ultrasound along with the kiddos and I. It was a lot more enjoyable than just me and 2 kiddos. There were two extra pairs of hands to hold purses and play the peanut butter and jelly card game while we waited. Besides, I thought that my younger sister Charity would love to see the ultrasound. :-) She immediately "named" the little man Bertram... :-P Hmmmmm not what I will chose in the end... but that sure beats piglet, and plummy baby, both previous suggestions for nicknames from my children.

Now I need to go shopping! I had bags of stuff collected for a girl, and realized that after all I had kept a blob of Charlotte's cute little girl things. But Levi's old clothes were mostly hand me downs from a family with multiple boys, and by the time Levi was done with them, they were fit for Mike to use as a shop rag. I plan to swing by the thrift store today, and scrounge in the church clothing closet this Sunday, hopefully it will be open.... Good thing I have a while, because I have only 5 things in 3-6 month size. :-)

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