Monday, December 29, 2008

Mark is here!

Mark was born on 12/19. He weighed 7 lbs, 14 oz, and was 20 1/2" long. We went home at 1 o'clock the next day because another ice and snow storm was on its way. :-) Our area had a giant weather system of ice and snow, and were iced in for almost a week. Church had to be canceled for 2 Sundays in a row, because of the ice, so I got lots of good snuggle time with baby!

Mark is quite the tough little guy! He was born with the card wrapped around his neck, not once, but 3 times. As an added bonus, there was a true knot in the cord. Praise God for his grace in allowing Mark a safe birth!

Mark also has another challenge to overcome. He was born with bilateral (both sides) clubfoot. Basically, his feet are turned in, and he will need either surgery or braces and casting to walk. Thankfully this is something that is usually successful, and he shouldn't have too much trouble after the first year of foot therapy/casting/braces.We are hoping to meet with the specialist ASAP, and would covet your prayers that we could get the casting and brace process started soon, and that the insurance we have would cover the right doctor.

Mark is such a sweet boy! He sleeps well, barely cries, and is eating like a pro. :-) Oh! And he makes the cutest "bitter beer" face ever!

Thanks for all your prayers!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Joyfuly Content Day

Ahhhh...... The blessings of visitors.

We had a friends and two of her kiddos over today to visit, and had such a refreshing time! It was so nice to have company and as an added bonus, my house was all perfectly clean for the rest of the day. So relaxing and fun! As a result, I felt free to do fun things with Charlotte during the rest of the afternoon.

At first she wanted to learn to knit, but that was too advanced for her.

Crochet? No-chay.

Aha!!! Hand sewing! I grabbed a few bits of leftover cloth, and set her up with a hoop and a piece of fabric to sew onto a background. Here is what she came up with.

Isn't this the cutest thing ever? She was on her second piece of white fabric, and wanted to do a triangle, and was delighted to discover her first 3 stitches (blue) made a face! "Look!!! A bad girl face Mom!" Then she decided to finish the girl, (she's not bad anymore) off with hair, a smile, eyebrows and cheeks. It is her! See the braids? That's what she had today, and we had to be sure to get the girl just right, with the same rubber bands, etc. Hee hee..........

She had help with the french knots, and did about 1/2 of the braiding, but the rest is all Charlotte... :-) Oh, and the yellow around the mouth is her smile, "because she isn't bad anymore."

Baby Tales....

My Wed. Appointment went great, no protein, normal blood pressure, so all is well. I did however, pester my midwife again about inducing...

Me: "So, if we have to wait the whole 2 weeks that would be the day before Christmas eve, would you schedule me for the day after Christmas? "

She: " No, that would be too late, after Christmas, well, let's see if we can schedule you earlier..."

After a phone call I am scheduled for an induction on Thursday the 18th! Of course, since I am not actually overdue on that date, if the hospital fills I will be bumped, but hey, at least the end is in sight! I'm looking forward to my stomach being my own again.... :-D

My guess is that Jr. will decide to come the day before. :-D

Monday, December 8, 2008

Nope, no baby yet!

I had an appointment with the midwife today and my blood pressure was higher than usual, and I had a bit of protein, so I am going in again on Wed. to recheck .

I have super great blood pressure, so anything other than the usual great level was a surprise. If things don't look better on wed, I get to go back on Monday for a bunch of lab work and ultrasound to check fluid levels, etc. If those results are not good, then they will induce. This is perfectly fine with me, since the boy's due date is tomorrow.

Maybe, just maybe, I will deliver before Saturday! Kerri, if you read this, I hope that I beat you! :-D

Happy December 8th!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The little kiddo that wouldn't.....

Well, those of you who know me in real life have no doubt been wondering "Has the baby come yet?" Alas, NO.

Jr decided to give me lovely contractions all Saturday night starting at about 10 pm, and continuing through the night till Sunday eve. I asked my midwife... what should I do? They aren't getting too strong yet, and not painful enough yet, but they have been consistently about 15, then 10 then 5 minutes apart all night. She told me to get checked at 6pm Sunday eve. if nothing had changed.

So, hoping against hope, I went in, and NOTHING!!!!!! Plech! My other 2 deliveries were not like this, I never had BH contractions with either one, and NEVER had "unproductive yet painful in my back etc contractions."

After the labor nurse told me "nothing doing", the lovely midwife gave me Ambien and sent me home to sleep. :-) WOW! Does that stuff work fast! I was slightly tilty when I got home, and fell sound asleep till 5:30 this am. No more contractions, and JR seems to be fine, showing his love with the occasional foot to the ribs. :-)

Sooo anyway, thanks for the prayers... If you want to keep praying that he comes out BEFORE the middle of Dec. I would appreciate that. :-D

Boy are the kids going to be disappointed when I pick them up from Grandma's. :-)