Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby Tales....

My Wed. Appointment went great, no protein, normal blood pressure, so all is well. I did however, pester my midwife again about inducing...

Me: "So, if we have to wait the whole 2 weeks that would be the day before Christmas eve, would you schedule me for the day after Christmas? "

She: " No, that would be too late, after Christmas, well, let's see if we can schedule you earlier..."

After a phone call I am scheduled for an induction on Thursday the 18th! Of course, since I am not actually overdue on that date, if the hospital fills I will be bumped, but hey, at least the end is in sight! I'm looking forward to my stomach being my own again.... :-D

My guess is that Jr. will decide to come the day before. :-D

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