Monday, December 1, 2008

The little kiddo that wouldn't.....

Well, those of you who know me in real life have no doubt been wondering "Has the baby come yet?" Alas, NO.

Jr decided to give me lovely contractions all Saturday night starting at about 10 pm, and continuing through the night till Sunday eve. I asked my midwife... what should I do? They aren't getting too strong yet, and not painful enough yet, but they have been consistently about 15, then 10 then 5 minutes apart all night. She told me to get checked at 6pm Sunday eve. if nothing had changed.

So, hoping against hope, I went in, and NOTHING!!!!!! Plech! My other 2 deliveries were not like this, I never had BH contractions with either one, and NEVER had "unproductive yet painful in my back etc contractions."

After the labor nurse told me "nothing doing", the lovely midwife gave me Ambien and sent me home to sleep. :-) WOW! Does that stuff work fast! I was slightly tilty when I got home, and fell sound asleep till 5:30 this am. No more contractions, and JR seems to be fine, showing his love with the occasional foot to the ribs. :-)

Sooo anyway, thanks for the prayers... If you want to keep praying that he comes out BEFORE the middle of Dec. I would appreciate that. :-D

Boy are the kids going to be disappointed when I pick them up from Grandma's. :-)


  1. Awww! Poor Lana! I have false labor so much I don't think I would recognize the real thing if it came on it's own. I know how it feels, going through those painful ones and they aren't even helping things along. Alas. Hope you got well rested, anyway. :(

  2. Oh man!! Praying your little one comes soon.