Thursday, October 30, 2008

Morning Domesticity

I am not a natural early riser. Especially when I am 34 weeks pregnant. However, I have become increasingly convinced that I need to get going earlier in order to keep our home joyful. You see, my children and husband rise early. They begin moving at 6:30, and the slowest is up and begging for breakfast by 8. If I haven't had my cuppa and gotten dressed, I am in no mood to flip pancakes or pour cereal.

I am trying to at least a few times each week get up with my husband. When I actually get out of bed at the appointed time, I have a very productive, and fairly focused day.

This morning, I was out of bed before Hubby at 6:45, (he waited till 6:50) and I was serving coffee and prepping a lovely Good-morning Apple Crisp by 7:15.

So far, things are going swimmingly, Sonshine is already working on his schoolwork, the dishes are washing, the crisp is almost done, and I am Joyful!


  1. I'm so very jealous. Of course - the fact that I work until midnight does not leave me wanting to get up in the morning. :) But still....