Saturday, October 4, 2008

Choosing Joy or Pain?

Anyone out there have any good tips on ignoring other peoples sin? I have a hard time letting unthinking harsh words and general grumpiness not sink in. I know that the person was being illogical and just in a bad mood, but it is hard to somehow not take it to heart and let it color my whole day/week.

How seriously should I take their point when their whole attitude and demeanor was obviously just out for the kill?

What do you do?


  1. First take a deep breath and realize that for the most part people usually don't go out of their way to offend other people. You mentioned that you realize that they are not thinking clearly and possibly having a bad day. You approach them in kindness. Maybe along the lines of, "Are you okay? You seem rather upset."

  2. Girl, all I can tell you is pray, pray, and then pray some more. Pray for the hurt you feel but more importantly pray for that person.

  3. Oh my. I struggle with this, especially when what that person is doing is really damaging to others (like their kids). It burns me up.

    Amy is right: Pray. And I should really take that to heart as well. It's hard to do. I guess the other thing that may help would be to thank God for the grace He has shown you recently, and perhaps that will help you be more gracious to others.

    I know I've been drenched in grace, and because of that I should be much more gracious to those around me who need it too.