Monday, October 20, 2008

Longing for December....

OK folks, I know, all those annoying retailers have some Christmas stuff up already! How dare they?

Usually I am the first to protest, but this year I am highly tempted to just put up our tree now. Baby is due Dec 9th, so Christmas must be all prepared by Thanksgiving, and while I am trying to shop for gifts now, it is VERY HARD not to have Holy-day music playing at the same time, and visions of sugarplums(well, goodies anyway) are dancing in my head.

I love the whole Christmas season, and just want to start early!! What do you think? Is it a crime at your house to skip on the whole fall decor and got straight for Christmas??

My soul is longing for the joy of the advent season.

That and the "mary's boy child" song on the radio... :-D


  1. Ha! I've been going through the same thing this year, and I think it is that feeling that I really need to get it all done before Dec. as well. It's hard to Christmas shop without wanting a little "mood enhancement". But usually I am very, very ready to put the house back to normal by the time Christmas arrives, so I am resisting the urge because I don't want to get tired of it too early.
    BTW, I moved my blog-don't ask me why, I dunno. But the link on my name is new..

  2. Lana,
    I'm soooo opposite of you right now. I feel like I still haven't recovered from LAST winter, I'm not ready for the gray clouds and cold weather. :( I suppose if I had a baby due in December it would change my mind. :)