Friday, February 29, 2008

I wish I wasn't sooo tired......

Well, we have the plague... or rather had, most of us are getting over the last trace cough of this spring's flu/cough/fever/headache/achyness /dizzy/weakness...... We missed all the sunny weather here, and also the long awaited trip to the pool.

My kiddos and I were happily enjoying a trip to Canby's River park (behind Safeway) and we frolicked in the sun, tried to feed the overfull ducks, and were mad happy creatures for all of the 18th. I was so inspired by the lure of the spring sun, that I promised to take the kidlets swimming the next day. The next day did not begin well, DS awoke with rare grumpiness oozing out of every pore, and was soo naughty that he was reprimanded 2 times before breakfast alone. After struggling through the next 2 hours, he finally admitted, "My head hurts Mom. " Hmmm...... I kissed the naughty one's head, only to find a fever! No wonder he had been soo grumpy. This was the beginning of a 2 week long stay-at-home-while-sick time for us. 3 days later, Mommy was sick. Then, about 6 days after the original outbreak, DD got sick. Needless to say, we are tired, and still coughing.

Mommy really needs to clean the house, but isn't quite well yet, and if she does too much, she will be sick again.

Now if only the kids will forget about the pool till we all quit coughing. :-)

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