Friday, February 29, 2008

Parks Series....

Last summer we were exploring the local park scene.... So far, we really like Canby's River park behind Safeway. The park behind Safeway is great during the hot summer months, there are tall tall fir trees that provide just the right amount of shade, and also a giant field that the kids can run about in. There is also a duck pond, that can be fished in... a nature walk along a creek behind it... (bring boots or wait till hot weather starts) an honest to goodness merry-go-round, big kids metal tall slide, and a few bits of other assorted playground fun. There is also a section of the park that borders the Molalla river, and if you are a bigger person who is a strong swimmer, adult-type people love the swimming hole there.

If you are needing a bit of nature study for your home school, this park is great, we feed the ducks, Canada geese, regular geese, and have seen muskrat/river rat/otter thingies (yes, yes, I need to find out) playing on the creekbank. You can also fish in the pond, and in the summer there are actually big edible fishies there. The pines are home to quite a number of squirrels, who do amusing things like eat the crackers you toss to them while sitting on a branch just above you.

It is however only a park that would be fun if you have children who will come when called, and who are capable of doing these biggish kids activities... Not so fun for the toddler toting Mama. My Dear Sister brought her daughter here with us last summer, but Dear Niece was too little do do most of the fun things, and was not into coming when called at the time, so my poor sis was always running after little Miss Naughty and keeping her from jumping in the pond, getting dragged by the merry-go-round, etc. Thankfully, this year is much more fun for both of them and obedience is the norm. My sweet little niece is just the right size now to do all the park rides with her cousins. So Fun!

It is a great picnic spot, and in the hot summer evenings is generally crowded by river swimmers and picnickers... but during school days it is usually empty.

Also conveniently located just next to the Safeway, is the Dollar Store, home of such fun park activities as Bubbles, Frisbees, bouncyballs, and bug boxes... just don't forget the snack crackers.... :-)

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  1. Hey Lana! I was surfing and happened to stumble upon your blog. Congratulations on your little ones! And I love Dress a Day too. :c)
    Rachel (used to be Rachel G)