Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wiggleworm Baby

Aha! No wonder I have been so uncomfortable... he is semi sideways. Drat! And I thought all that discomfort was early labor....

I found out on Mon that baby is not head down like he was the week before, but has decided that he likes laying semi sideways. This has complicated the weekend plans I had. Ah well, better to play it safe than enjoy a whole weekend of fellowship and shopping for Christmas presents at the beach.

This coming Monday I am going in to the hospital to have an external cephalic version at 6AM. Sounds not too bad right? Well....I didn't realize that the whole flipping the baby thing was so complicated at first. You have to have a non stress test, followed by an epidural or other meds to relax the body so flipping will be easier. We must also be ready for an emergency csection just in case of placental seperation. This means no eating or drinking after dinner on Sunday night for me. I don't do well anymore with the IV's, especially when I am dehydrated, so the odds of lightheadedness/fainting seem pretty good on Monday.

The kids are going to have to spend the night at grandma's house, and we have explained to them what is going on... Their only concern with a csection was that they get to see that baby before other people AFTER it is washed clean.

Levi hopes they have to do the emergency csection on monday so he could see the baby sooner. Silly Boy!

Me..........not so much..... :-)


  1. Will certainly be praying for you Lana! And just in case you do have to have a experience wasn't bad at all. The boys were "stacked" sideways when they were born and they did a c-section, although they most likely would have done one anyway, being that they were SO early just for precautions. I didn't feel a thing thanks to the spinal and wonderful meds and it was so quick and easy, done in about 20 minutes. Recovery wasn't half as bad as I thought either, I was still able to go up to the hospital to see them everyday. The only thing that was hard was getting out of bed in the morning as it hurt to use those muscles to pull myself up. I would inch my way to the edge and then sort of roll out of bed. I still laugh when I think about it. Anyway, that was just my experience. So don't worry my dear! We will pray that #1-baby will cooperate on his own and #2-if MON's arrangements are still necessary that they go well and without much discomfort for you. God will take care of the rest! Much love! :) Melanie

  2. Thanks ladies!

    I am willing ot whatever is needed, but don't particularly want to deal with the longer recovery. :-)

    As long as bb is ok, that's all tha matters to me.