Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby update...

Well, after a yukky ol' IV and 60 minutes of waiting, we found out that baby is head down again!
So the external version was not needed. Yippee!
Praise God! I wasn't really looking forward to recovering from a C section either.

It was a rather surreal feeling though, being checked into the birth center, and then leaving again with the baby still inside. :-D

Thank you for your prayers!

OH, BTW, I was pretty lightheaded during the IV, but the middle verse of the Lorica helped keep me focused....

Christ be with me, Christ within me,
Christ behind me, Christ before me,
Christ beside me, Christ to win me,
Christ to comfort and restore me,
Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,
Christ in hearts of all that love me,
Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.

Don't you just love that last bit, "Christ in mouth of friend and stranger?" I find this comforting.
Here is the whole thing if you want. I prefer piano over the organ, and maybe a bit of soulful violin for the middle bit.

How do you like the hospital bracelet I got?? Think allergies, not diagnosis. :-)

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  1. That's great news! And I do like the bracelet [smile].