Thursday, August 28, 2008

School progress report.

Well, this was our first week of school. I had hoped to start last week, but instead spent an busy and satisfying week with my sister and her new baby girl, and with driving little people to the dentist. So our first day was monday.

My sweet little girl has a cold, so we have been doing a light schedule to allow for things like sleeping in. It just seems wiser not to wake the 5 year old who slept poorly with chest congestion when she is finally sleeping well at 7:00 am.

So we have done the school items assigned, but not taking the time alloted. With most subjects this is not a problem, but with history I had hoped to spend more time together curled up reading. I'll have to try the appeal of snuggling on Mom's bed while we read of the Ancient Egyptians. :-) I think that they may be a tad bored with Egypt now, but it is our last week there, and I probably shouldn't have let them look at the library books early....

Circle time is also suffering.... But their verse memorization seems to be going just fine.

Hmmm not to horribly bad for a sick week.... :-)

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