Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Women's Work

POETRY ALERT!!!! I like this and wanted to share…

Woman’s Work
Poems of the Home life- American tract society, published 1872

Darning little stockings
For restless little feet;
Washing little faces
To keep them clean and sweet;
Hearing Bible lessons;
Teaching catechism;
Praying for salvation
From heresy and schism-
Women’s work.

Sewing on the buttons;
Overseeing rations;
Soothing with a kind word
Others lamentations;
Guiding clumsy Bridgets,
And coaxing sullen cooks;
Entertaining company,
And reading recent books-
Women’s work

Burying out of sight
Her own unhealing smarts,
Letting in the sunshine
On other clouded hearts;
Binding up the wounded,
And healing of the sick;
Bravely marching onward
Through dangers dark and thick-
Womens work

Leading little children,
And blessing manhood’s years;
Showing to the sinful
How God’s forgiveness cheers;
Scattering sweet roses
Along another’s path;
Smiling by the wayside,
Content with what she hath-
Women’s work

Letting fall her own tears
Where only God can see;
Wiping off another’s
with tender sympathy;
Learning be experience
Teaching by example;
Yearning for the gateway,
Golden, pearly, ample-
Womens Work

Fresh grave in the valley-
Tears, Bitter sobs, regret;
One more solemn lesson
That life may not forget.
Face forever hidden,
Race forever run-
Dust to dust a voice saith-
And a woman’s work is done.

I want to switch out the last verse though… too sorrowful and weepy for my taste.
My version:

Fresh grave in the valley,
Peace, and joy won
Triumphant with her Lord in heaven,
Legacy passed on,
Transformation completed,
Race finally run,
Yippee! a heavenly voice sayeth,
And a women’s work is done!

Now I just need a Bridget and a cook! Oh, wait, aren't they my dishwasher and crockpot?
Happy working y’all!

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