Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Fall Birthday.....

Here we are in the dripping dreariness of a northwest fall… Rainfall is more like it. So how do we keep the sunshine burning within our hearts and homes? For me the answer is candles, glass vases full of hazelnuts, and a well organized closet.

My sweet sister, who has a MUCH better feel for home décor than I do, gave me a lovely gift this year for my birthday. A well organized closet! I was complaining (oops) about my dark and crowded bedroom, so she came over and totally revamped the feel of it in one fell swoop. The very old, and uggo dresser was removed and all of our clothing is now on hangars and in the closet. This opened up the whole room in an amazing way. No more running into the dresser in the middle of the night, not more digging through drawers looking for something to wear. It’s now all visible, and easily accessible. This took Jo about 1 hour, and I will be grateful forever!

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