Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Homeschooling….

Well, I have been teaching my son at home now for the last year, and we are now officially in 1st grade this year. He tends to drag his feet and take waaay too long to do just a few simple pages of homework. I was blessed with a couple of homeschooling magazines from a friend, and found a USEFUL IDEA. The article was on teaching your child to be a self starting student, and had a few different ideas based on age. I decided to try one, and schazam! The boy got his schoolwork (5 subjects) done in only one hour. Without complaining, or being reminded to keep working. The amazing trick? Give him a checklist of what must be done. He read it, grabbed his books, came zooming in to do the mother supervised portion, and whipped through the handwork in record time. Amazing! Why didn’t I think of that.....? Now I just need to add his daily chores, and we’ll be sailing along joyfully. This lovely trick has worked to a lesser extent with my 4yr old. She cannot read yet, so I drew pictures for her morning routine next to the items. She loves her list and has been known to carry it around the house as she faithfully completes her duties. Ahhh…. the joys of small successes!

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