Tuesday, May 27, 2008

To vaccinate or not?

OK, I have strong opinions here.

Don't read on if you are faint of heart and will become easily offended...... :-)

I vaccinate, you may not. No problem, but PLEASE Don't bring your kids to social events like church etc. if they are sick.

If your child or older family member does get, let's say pertussis for example, and you bring said person to church, and my baby who came to get baptized gets it and seriously sick or dies, I will be pretty upset, and I'm sure that you would be too. :-)

"Persons infected with pertussis may present with cold or flu-like symptoms, such as runny nose, sneezing, fever and a mild cough."

Sounds fairly non life threatening right? But if a small infant gets it, it can be very dangerous.

Also, where you live give you a different perspective, I live in a low income, predominantly non English speaking area. These people are great people, neighbors and parents, but they haven't always been able to get things like vaccinations and good healthcare. The health rate seems a wee bit low here, and since we have low income ourselves, we have to go to the public clinic along with all the other sick people. :-)

So vaccinate or not, it's up to you, but please keep others informed (church nursery workers, babysitters, schools, summer camps), and keep the sick kidlets home.. :-)

Love all you vaccinating Mamas and Non needling Mamas alike.... :-D

Yes, the odds are slim, but I'd rather be safe than sorry... :-) We have vaccinated with practically no reactions, other than a bit of sleepiness, so we'll probably continue. (I do hate having to hold the wee little arms for the shot though... Bleech)

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  1. I agree so much with the stance of not bringing sick ones to church. We are going to vaccinate--though are waiting on some of the virtually eliminated things until Mercy is a bit older since I reacted badly to some vaccines. Nearly every time I get sick, and now Mercy, too, it is on a Tuesday, which is exactly the right incubation period for having been exposed at church on Sunday...