Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To know or not to know .. that is the question....

Well.... For us right now the decision to know the sex of the baby or not is influenced by two factors.

1. Money. We are applying for the OHP for me because our insurance from a previous job ended in February. I got pregnant in March. This means that with the new health insurance from his current job, pregnancy is a preexisting condition, and therefore not covered. In fact, I think most insurance will not accept pregnant clients until the pregnancy is over. For me to find out would cost at least $100. If I am approved for the Oregon health plan I will be 100% covered, and can find out for free. I should know if I am approved by the end of this week.

2. Mike. My Husband doesn't want to know, so if I can find out, I will have to be tricky and keep him in the dark. He thought that this would be fine with him, and even said my sister could find out!

I hope that I do get approved for the health plan, and that I can find out. It would be really fun to know before Mike... :-)


OK, My dear Husband, no longer remembers this conversation, and is starting to say things like Maybe I want to know, etc, so maybe everyone will know!

The OHP people still haven't decided on my application yet, the case worker I have seems to be too lazy to do her job quickly and effectively. I have had to talk with her 3 times, and each time she gives me a new excuse for the delay. :-P It would be nice to see a Dr. before the 2nd trimester, but since that would have to happen by tomorrow, I don't think so.

Oh, in case you wanted to know, the shirt is from Pink Ink Art

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