Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm reinstating my weekly planner...


O Dishes
O Laundry Assignment
O Sweeping
O Personal/Project time
O Monthly Chore
O Swish Bathroom
O Swish kitchen counters & microwave
O Devotions
O Hotspot -Put out the fire!! 15 minutes
O Specific Chores
O Lunches Packed

Mommy- Menu Plan/Grocery Shopping
               Hotspot is Kitchen counter
               Laundry for today is Diapers, Charlotte's, Mike's Jeans

Levi- Bring in and clean out church basket, and diaper bag
Charlotte- Wipe off Mirrors

Monthly Chore
Week 1 - 2 pages scrapbook done
Week 2 - Bills
Week 3 - Scrapbook
Week 4-  Bills

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