Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Reality check here....

Up at 8:30, happy daughter is coloring on her window with window markers while the boys slept, ahhh lovely morning scene. ( she got the markers for her birthday. They are really neat! )

  • 9:00 I am dressed, and making coffee
  • I check email, and eat breakfast, doing a couple e-errands.
  • I start laundry.
  • I remember to bathe baby. (it's been a while)
  • I remind late rising child to eat breakfast.
  • I re-start laundry.
  • I move giant bag of soda downstairs onto the storage shelf and clean them while doing so
  • I start to write out a couple recipes out on cards so that I won't have 5 extra cookbooks laying around.
  • Stop to judge a fight, discipline offenders.
  • Remind child to do their chores.
  • Change over laundry.
  • Sit down to pay bills and figure out how to import latest bank info to laptop computer.
  • (desktop had an accident a while back, now it can't find the hard drive.)
  • Lament the slowness of said laptop as it tries to deal with too much info...
  • Walk into the kitchen and remember the recipes that I had left 1/2 finished.
  • Finish up 5 cards.
  • TOSS 2 cookbooks. :-)
  • Get back to the laptop, and shout at children who ask is it time for lunch... Look up and realize that it is 3:00.
  • Apologize for epic Mommy fail, and encourage child who is sweetly trying to make lunch for all of us.
  • Refuse offer of picnic lunch, because I still haven't finished with the bills/computer issues.
  • Struggle with anger and frustration as I try to feed toddler, who refuses to eat, and instead sticks toothpicks all over sandwich
  • Kick 2 older kids out to the lawn to eat lunch.
  • Call back child who hit the other for no reason.
  • Discipline child.
  • Clean up messy baby
  • Put him on couch with winnie-the-pooh.
  • Call older two in, start them on cleaning tasks (we've still got time before swimming lessons)
  • Answer cries of emergency, emergency !! in the kitchen.
  • YES , it was... baby had followed sibling and after they had left the kitchen, opened up the no-no cupboard and proceeded to SOAK his front and face with googone stuff.
  • Panic while I search for the poison control number 1-800-222-1222, and instruct children to climb in the car so ER could be reached quickly just in case.
  • Get through to the Poison control, get off phone.
  • Get big kids out of the car, and proceed to bathe baby.
  • Attempt to give baby the 1/2 c. of juice recommended, but he will have none of it.
  • He looks like he wants the juice, maybe if I give him the cup... SPLASH... apple juice is added to the bath water.
  • Comfort child who thinks that maybe they killed the baby.
  • Clean baby, get him dressed while directing cleanup of giant slippery goo gone mess.
  • Realize that we have missed swimming lessons.
  • Realize that it is now 5.30, and there is nothing for dinner.

I stink at this. I feel like the bugs in Microcosmos that follow each other, but end up in a pile, so confused they just sit there and twitch back & forth...

But hey... at least the bills got paid right????


  1. Aw, I remember days like that... the 2-year-old smearing himself with diaper rash ointment, late (or no) lunches, frozen pizza for dinner...

  2. Yup, at least the bills got paid. Some days that's about all that can be expected to get done. :)

  3. I so feel your pain here. It seems like all my days are like this, minus the emergency, that only happens every other day :-) At least the bills got paid!

  4. Aww, Lana, it gets easier. I was sinking like a stone in a pond when we were in you're phase.

    You're welcome to bring a couple kids over to play with mine if you need an hour or two.

  5. Thank you all for the encouragement!

  6. Why are you posting this, isn't it normal? Don't all of our days look like this? ;-) Sometimes I wish I could tether the kids out in the yard. Give them maybe three feet of rope so they have room to move, but make sure they CAN'T TOUCH EACH OTHER!!! Or anything messy! Then maybe we could have some peace and productivity. Anyway, just wanted to let you know you aren't alone, even though I often feels like it.

  7. Still smiling ear-to-ear! No matter where we live... recognition, RECOGNITION!
    Wishing you a happy happy Monday and a lovely new week. xx