Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy Busy Me

Well, it seems that the busy time of life is on me now. With a 3rd grader and a 1st grader, and a getter-into-all-things crawling around, I am just plain old busy. I am attempting to organize a bit better, up until now homeschooling has been a breeze, with only one that was really needing Mommy help. But now they both need help and a person who keeps them on track.

I need to get organized or I will drown in a sea of BUSY!!

So, I am attempting to streamline the whole homeschool process.

For us a major time eater was the I-can't-find-it syndrome. My children are HORRIBLE at looking. They are constantly losing their books/pencils/own head. Workboxing worked well for that, BUT it required me to prep it each night. This was too much to do in the evening. I have switched over to a notebook system. (not to be confused with notebooking) My kids each now have their own binder that has a awesome checklist (thank you Homeschool Tracker) for each days work in it, and the workpages/writing paper for the day right behind the checklist. MUCH BETTER!!!!! I am still keeping the workboxes, so we can use them occasionally. The kids LOVED finding a box with "play set with mommy" in in it.

I needed a place to see at a glance what we were doing each day. I already had a big binder (letter size and a 3" spine) but I never opened it. I couldn't even carry it in one hand while schlepping a baby about the house. I realized that I wanted a tiny binder with my info in it. Sooo.... I bought a cheapo Plan Ahead binder and figured out how to print out Tapestry of Grace and HStracker in teeny tiny pages.. :-D

Ta da! Binder goodness for me! If only it were prettier, maybe covered in Amy Butler fabric, and with a zipper around the whole thing it would be perfect. As it is, it keeps me on track.

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