Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well, I have another story of God's love in the little things...

I have been thinking of small ways to save money lately, and one thing that I had decided to do was buy some cloth napkins. We had been given 2 sets of cloth napkins when we got married, ten years ago. I loved them, but alas, they are wearing out. Beside, 2 small sets of napkins need a lot of washing to be used each day. So, I had JUST decided to buy some yesterday, and then on an unrelated shopping trip to Walmart, there they were, napkins in burgundy and white easy care polyester,for $0.25 each. :-)

I now have 20 white and 10 burgandy. That should last for at least two days!
I also picked up a Christmas present for next year. Original price $20, and I paid $2. :-)

If you have a local Walmart that is a HUGE mess because they are remodeling and moving everything around, go check out the clearance section. There are some deals to be had!

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