Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Frugality and the Boys Jeans......

This is a quick and sturdy way to patch a knee, you can do it while bread rises or bakes.

First gather the necessary materials, ripped jeans, donor denim patch material (I used an old pair or stretch maternity jeans) top stitching thread, top stitching needle, sewing machine, scissors and pins.

1. Open the inner seam, from about 1-2 " above the ankle, to about 1-2 inches from the crotch.
2. Cut a patch from your donor material... Stretch denim is VERY nice. I like a patch about 3 by 4 inches.

3. Pin the patch to the back of the knee area.
4.Put the topstitching thread and needle on your machine. Sew a shape( I do a square/ rectangle) You will need to cover the area with stitching to keep the patch sturdy. I usually start on the outer edge of my square, then just keep going inward in the square. When I get to the end, I backstitch and cut the thread.

5. Repeat on the other knee, even if there is no hole there yet. If you do not, you will be sewing again in about a week.

6. Sew the inseam up again using the topstitching thread. No, I don't overlock the inner edge, or zigzag. None of my eight year old sons pants have unraveled yet. :-)

So far, this has saved our household about $36 dollars, and I have 2 more pairs of pants to go.
I would love to do a bionicle shape on the knee. If anyone has the ability to draw, please send me a bionicle mask outline, and my son will forever love you!

Now to enjoy my bread... Mmmmmmmmmmm :-)


  1. Beautiful bread, my friend!!!

  2. Hi Lana, It's my first time to visit your blog. I enjoyed my visit. :) Here's a link to some pictures of the bionicle masks. Maybe you could enlarge the image and trace them.