Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stretching to improve _______.

I was stretching,/flexing Mark's chubby little foot this month, and it got me thinking.

God has really used this whole clubfoot thing to stretch me personally. I am not a person who is comfortable with leading. However, I have had to be the one orchestrating and approving Mark's foot care. I am uncomfortable challenging, pushing, or questioning when it comes to health care. I am very comfortable with western medicine, and find RX and Doctors comforting, and quite effective and helpful.

This whole clubfoot thing has stretched that. First, I had to find a Dr. who used the Ponseti method, and then I had to make sure they were actually using it (some say they do, but misapply the serial casts) I also had to deal with the whole "Akk! Is it a complex clubfoot??" thing. I am still not quite sure about all this. I am gettting better slowly but surely at advocating.

And then there is PORTLAND....
Driving in Portland is really a HORRID experience for me. I have had nightmares about getting on the wrong bridge and ending up in Seattle, or lost within its depths for YEARS! Once a week appointments up on the hill have been very stretching for me. I have learned to get to and from downtown Portland from both Oregon City and Canby. I actually caught myself grinning and jamming to music as I followed my nose home across the river last time.

This has been good for me. STTTRRREEEEECHHHHHH :-)


  1. Good job, Lana! Thanks for sharing this. I found it very encouraging. God bless you :o)

  2. I hear you, Lana! When Grace's clubfoot relapsed this past summer, all of my "comfort zones" flew out the window. I had to literally "shop" for a doctor and felt completely inadequate -- the right questions to ask, discerning red flags, etc. And you have your Portland ... I have New York City! :) I have to say you beat me there -- I caved on that one. I decided to drive 2 hours to Philadelphia (which I know better) than the mere 10 miles to NY. Maybe some day ... :)

    It's encouraging to hear about the other positives for you in this experience -- not only for your baby, but for your own growth too. God's reach far extends just one thing! Keep stretching! :)