Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Clubfoot Update.... :-) Shriners rocks!

Mark's feet were examined today, and the swelling on his feet was much better, and both his feet look ready for the tenotomy now. YIPPIE! I was all worried about leaving the cast off for a week, but it seems to have been the best thing to do for that irritated wee foot. :-) Great job Dr. Aiona!

The new plan is tenotomy next week, followed by 2 or 3 more casts. The tendon is super tight on one of his feet, so it really may need 3 castings to get to the right spot after the tendon lengthening.

Soo... please keep Mark in your prayers, we really want to get this done with out a cold delaying surgery further.

BTW, Dr. Sussman will have Mark fitted with the Mitchell shoes & bar! YIPPIE! Just what we were hoping for! This shoe tends to be easier to use, and has less instances of sores developing...


  1. Hey very cool. The pics from before and after are AMAZING!!! So after they clip the tendon do they sew it back together or insert something to make it longer?? Are the mitchell shoes something he wears all the time or just at night? I am so glad this is all going so well. Hope to see you soon...after the plague has passed :)

  2. Yay for great news!

    The tenotomy was a breeze for Matthew. I expected some discomfort, in fact he was happier after the surgery then he was in the months before.

    Good luck with the shoes and bar. They make some things so much easier (diaper changes) and other things a bit trickier (no long fit in grocery cart) but you will be a pro in no time!

  3. Doesn't it all seem to be going by so fast! all our love while you continue on your clubfoot journey! before you know it your little one will be in his brace and you won't even remember those casting days!

  4. How did it go? Hope everything is well. Praying for you guys :o)