Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Feet!

The top pic is Feb 5th, after 2 weeks of casts... :-) Such a change!

Mark's feet are continuing to be casted, his last CORRECTIVE set will be put on tomorrow, the 25th of Feb. He will then have surgery on March 4th ......."bilateral percutaneous tendo-achilles lengthenings" (fancy talk for snipping his Achilles tendons on both feet.) This will be followed by another casting, but this will be a HOLDING cast, just to hold his feet in position while the surgery site heals, about 3 weeks. He will then be wearing shoes attached to a bar for a while...

One of his feet is a bit worse (less flexible) than the other, and the last time we switched casts, there was an ingrown toenail and a large bruise on that foot. These were a bit worrying to me, but the real thing keeping me a bit stressed is the difference between his feet. One is a lot shorter and fatter than the other, like a bound foot sort of (not as bad as that) but the same area seems to be thicker.... I'm going to be bugging the Dr. about it more this time, when I pointed it out last time he just said oh, yeah it is fatter, and left.

I am super thankful for the Shriners clinic, especially since there is no charge..but it has been a little weird. Dr. Aiona, who is one of the recommended Ponseti method guys, is our Dr, BUT, the 2nd time we went in, he had been in an accident... His arm is all messed up, and has been in a cast since, so another Dr. has been casting Mark. Dr. Aiona pops his head in for about 2 seconds, but we don't really get to ask questions. The other Doctor is a nice guy, but he's always got another person shadowing him, at the last appt there were 3 people there, including a Dr. from Australia, listening to the running commentary by the main Doctor explaining how to perform the casting. So, I need to be MUCH more aggressive in pursuing answers before the casting starts, since the Dr's aren't exactly sticking around to chat afterward....

Perhaps the tenotomy will help his short foot straighten out a bit...


  1. Wow, what a huge difference. That's amazing!

  2. Those pics are very encouraging! Thanks for sharing, Lana. Good job, mom! We will keep praying :o)

  3. I love seeing straight little feet, Yay!!

    That sounds very frustrating with the doctor issues. I would try and address them at his next casting, get an answer as to what he thinks with the other foot. Better to ask now then look back later.

    Good luck, can't wait to hear the latest update!

  4. What a transformation -- a great feeling, isn't it? :) At this point I wouldn't be too concerned about the differences in his feet. It's not uncommon for clubfeet to be different sizes, even in a bilateral situation like Mark's. Some common markers of atypical CF is that same stocky/pudginess, a short big toe, etc. which I'm sure you've heard about aplenty on the clubfoot board, but maybe at this stage of the game just take one little step at a time. You can always emails pix to Dr. Morcuende or Dr. Dobbs if you're wondering, you know? But with what's coming up for you soon -- you'll notice a tremendous change after the tenotomy, so see how things play out after that.

    But yes, I do hear you on your concerns regarding your doctors. It's so frustrating at times when you feel like you need more time with them! I was never one to assert myself much, but after poor treatment by our first doctor, I had to sort of make myself stand up and be Grace's advocate. So when I go now to our new doctor, even though I know he's busy I will ask my questions anyway, because I HAVE to. Thankfully he's an amazing guy and will take all the time in the world for us, but still ... it's OK to ask anything that's on your mind. Be strong! :)

    You're in our prayers -- can't wait to hear more updates! :)