Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hooray For Dr. Aiona!

Well, Dr. Aiona was able to do Mark's casting yesterday! Whew, what a relief!! He examined the feet and immediately started shaking his head, and recommended we wait till the fat foot is ready to do the tenotomy. One of the casts had slipped a fair amount the day before the appointment, so it was obviously not ready for the surgery. The other cast looked like it had slipped last week BEFORE we left the appointment, so I was SUPER glad that Dr. Aiona was back in business. He very carefully and gently moved the feet to the right position, and casted them up nicely. They had me stick around a bit to make sure that the feet hadn't slipped while the casts set up.

Dr. Aiona also said that we could get a Rx for the Mitchell shoes & bar, which is an answer to prayer. They seem to be the easiest and most effective brace around nowadays.

Sooo...... No surgery next week, but we would much rather go slowly and get it right than rush and have to recast later. and I feel confident in Dr. Aiona.

It is strange what a HUGE difference having the right Dr. and support team can make. Last week the nurse who removed Mark's casts scraped his leg, (not a big deal) so we were very glad to see the amazingly-good-at-his-job Juan Carlos back on duty. He removed the old casts, and assisted Dr. Aiona with the casting. Mark actually slept through about 1/2 of the casting process, and was MUCH happier after we got home. Last week he was crying when he moved his legs after we got home, but I thought that the cause was the ingrown nail, perhaps it was the slipped casting.

The picture is the stiff/fat/unhappy foot. It looked much closer in size to the other foot this time.


  1. Oh yay!!! I am so happy for you guys!

    I agree, better wait a bit longer for the tenotomy then to have it done at the wrong time.

    Cheering you guys on from the sidelines!


  2. I am so glad that you have an attentive physician. God is watching out for your little guy!! Wow, what a difference already though!! It is amazing what God has allowed us to do medically these days.