Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sleep and Joyfulness.... :-)

Ok, with a new baby around the house, sleep is at a premium. I would ideally like to rise at around 6:30, be ready by 6:45, and cook breakfast for all. The few times I have managed to do this, it REALLY helped to create a joyful and ready to go attitude among the children. (and me)

Now the last key to our AM perkiness is Mark... Mark sleeps fairly well, but his long sleep chunks begin around midnight, and are done around 9 am. Since I have had to be comforting, changing, feeding him till 12, I cannot get up early enough. This is a Bummer... Because a day started at 9 is just not long enough... :-D

Oh well, I hope that eventually he will adjust to my schedule.... Hee hee! In other respects he is pretty sweet. He is gaining weight beautifully... last night at 17 days old he was 9lbs, 6oz, up from his original 7lb 14. Yup! 24 oz in only 17 days. My pediatrician's comment was "My compliments to his chef!"


  1. Nice picture!

    Depending on the child, I think the first 12 weeks are hardest as far as sleep schedules. After that they seem much more flexible!

  2. That's great!!! My compliments too! Owen is not gaining so good :o( We are having some issues with nursing. Please pray.
    Greetings :o)

  3. He's so sweet! I'm so happy you have a baby now.

  4. Lana, he is so sweet. So good to find your blog. Its your long lost cousin Heather (Neilson) Keizur. It has been way too long. Cheryl told me you had a blog. I had Anthony just about two weeks before you. Anthony is our second boy, born December 5th. I hope you got the Christmas card/announcement. We have a 4 year old, Joshua born November 7th, 2004. It would be such fun to get together and catch up. I too am at home enjoying being a full time mother and housewife.