Monday, June 23, 2008

Christian Love in action....

Well, after all that whining, I had a lovely day after all. My dear sister Charity, wonderful Mother, and dear sister Jojo, came over and cleaned my house! They heard that I was stressed, and they came over, and helped me with the trouble spots of my house. :-)

The biggest help was the encouragement, and motivation that we could actually get some thing done.

The ukko clutter in the hallway turned into 2 nice clean shelves, one with folded laundry, and one with school supplies on them... AHHH I can get through the hallway again! AND a spot for school things... !!! We moved all the kids school clutter out of the Living room, and onto the shelf in the hallway. It was amazing how much better I felt with a place for the school things. I have tried baskets, etc, but there was just too much to have scattered throughout the living room without it looking like trash. The shelves are perfect. :-)

I was stressing about curriculum too, but my wise and very experienced Mother suggested that I simply use the book list from the Tapestry of grace website, and just read through them with the kids in the right order. I think that TOG is worth the $$ but I just don't have the cash right now, and can't find a used copy for less than the new. I'm pretty sure that I can squeak buy just teaching it on my own, and using the tapestry evaluations cd to make sure they are learning what I want. This will give me more time to save up for the whole shebang.

Dad got his tests graded without a hitch, so I must've saved them in the right place on the computer. :-)

The elusive hat turned up at the game, so Levi and Daddy both got to wear their hats!

My sister was enjoying our time together even without the waterpark.

I found a dinner alternative, and Mike didn't even make it to dinner, so no worries!

The birthday party is still pending, and I still need to return the books.

Overall it just goes to show you that list #2 is more accurate. :-)

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  1. I love it when things all turn out much better than expected! Such wonderful sisters you have too! :) Great of them to pitch in and help you in your time of need. Work is much more fun when you have help isn't it!