Thursday, September 29, 2011

Food Fun with the Preschooler

My Hubby has his own business, so if things are busy, he must stay late, and lately he has been stuck at work till around 10-11 every night but Sunday. Dinner with just the kids & I has become much less formal. I had the bright idea to involve the kids in the dinner choices a couple nights ago. Mark usually gets to decide between square or triangle sandwiches at lunch.   So I asked Mark what he wanted for dinner, and he promptly piped up "Need soccle sanish!"  (circle sandwich)

Mark has begin using NEED in the morning quite  a bit lately.  He usually upon waking, shouts with emphasis from his room, "Need Up Mom! Need up!"  Sometimes this changes to "Need cracker", or "Need breakfast Mom!"   On one memorable morning though, we heard with much amusement, cries of " NEED APPLE PIE!!!!  Need Apple Pie Mom!"

1 comment:

  1. I love it! Need apple pie! That's a keeper. :-) When Michael works late our dinner becomes much less formal, as well. It could even be just popcorn and fruit.