Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stay on target .... stay on target.....

I get sidetracked easily.. When we started school in September,. I had resolved to iron out the kinks in the household maintenance system, and to have a routine that I was able to keep up with. I had a partial home cleaning schedule, and was working out the tweaks, then illness hit our home.

Asthma attack, chest congestion, fever, sore throat, eye growth issues and a bout of painful planar fascitus made for a very confusing and long Oct/Nov chaos. Then, to top it off, the almost 2 year old spilled coffee on my laptop, making it difficult at best to work with, (keyboard/mouse weird start up issues.) We had recently had to have a friend install a new hardrive on the desktop that died last may, and we hadn't transferred all the financial info over from the lap top yet.

The clouds lifted, we were mostly better, then the baby had a fever again, and I totally forgot all about resetting the Celmer house. I was talking to Mike about school the other day, and I decided to draw up a comparison chart of all the different methods available to us in the year to come along with a detailed cost and effectiveness analysis. As I finished that, I realized that I hadn't even updated my housework notebook yet... It's been 3 months.

FOCUS!!!!!!!!! This is easier said than done.

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  1. It's difficult to "stay on target" with important but non-urgent things when there are so many things that HAVE to be dealt with NOW! :-)