Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Car trip fun

It all started 12-13 years ago, when my family was looking for a home to buy. We looked at every house in Oregon city that was close to ideal. For those who know it not, Oregon City is all hills. My little sister was 6ish at the time, and she got bored in the car on the way sometimes. Sooooo the faux-roller-coaster-car-entertainment was born. When driving up a hill, you make clacking sounds like a roller coaster heading up to the top, and then, when you rush down the hill on the other side you say (quietly in an inside voice) "Wheeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arm raising, waving, and grinning ear to ear adds to the fun.
I still occasionally do this myself.

To my surprise, the last time were out & about, Mark started doing this to... He isn't very good at the "w" yet, so it was this in a sweet happy baby voice, "Eeeeeeeeeee!!!"

If you don't mind a bit of noise in the car, you might show your kidlets the joy of roller coasters too....

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  1. We always got a little crazy going around turns. Sometimes I like to take them a little fast (with safe limits, of course!) and let the kids make roller coaster screams. Yay, for making life fun!