Saturday, March 27, 2010

All The Rage Raglans

Well, I finally got around to another creativity project. My wee people needed more long sleeve shirts, walmart has switched to summer clothing, and the thrift store was out as well. Once again, I turned to my favorite instant gratification sewing pattern fix website, You Can Make This. I love being able to buy and print the pattern without having to load the children into the car and drive for 30 minutes, etc. I used tshirts from the resale store around the corner to make these shirts. After all, it is prewashed fabric, and if you are careful, you can avoid some hemming. Knits can be hard to find locally, and I always balk at ordering fabric online, so this was the perfect solution for us. This is fun too, because you never know what fun print you will find, like Willy Wonka jr, or rockin' guitar... :-)

I had never sewn a raglan sleeve before, and was surprised by the ease and speed that these came together. I think that deciding what fabric to use for which part of the shirts took longer than actually sewing them up.

Having an outlet for my creativity really helped lift my spirits. It is easy to get bogged down in the never ending cycle of laundry/home school/fishing the baby out of messes. For me, sewing is peaceful, fun work that doesn't become undone after 15 minutes.

Enjoy The Day!


  1. Raglans are fun and do go so fast. So do you just use the sleeve hems and the shirt hems from the original shirt?

  2. Hey! Those are pretty cute! I love the stripey sleeves on the baby! :)

  3. Ah! I love Levi's hoody so much... it's ridiculous.

    I know people who would buy that.

  4. Lana, I love your creativity and smarts girl. I may have to try this...I too have discovered Joshua needs l/s tees and you can't find many, not to mention this seems much more affordable if we go to good ole GW, which we love to do. Thanks for the ideas.